The "Travelin' Bear" House Concert series
                What is a House Concert?
This is the definition provided by
It’s an invitation-only concert in someone’s home, presented by a host who does
not profit from the event.

Also, house concerts are usually…
held indoors and on weekends
attended by 20-50 people
paid for by a $10-20 donation per guest (for the performer)
known to include light snacks, beverages or a pot-luck dinner
attended by the host’s friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans of
the artist
attended by a 25-60 age group
performed by solo, duos and small groups
performed with little to no amplification
very intimate - the audiences sit close and are attentive
performed in 2, 40-minute sets with a 20 minute break
stronger for artist’s merchandise sales than traditional venues
booked with and without a financial guarantees (can vary by host and by artist)
known to house and feed the artist for the night

Although house concerts will adhere to most of these traditions, you may not find
any house concerts that run exactly according to the list above. Each house
concert is a collaboration between an artist, a host/presenter, and their friends
and supporters.
What is a Dinner-And-Song or Dessert-And-Song show?
(again from

One of the biggest pet peeves for artists who love to play house concerts, is the
lack of opportunity on weeknights. That’s why we created DinnerAndSong, a
smaller and shorter format that can fit into most people’s busy weekday
schedules. If you can attend a book club, or a soccer practice, you can host a

Here is how we describe DNS events:
DinnerAndSong - host provides simple dinner for guests and artist, followed by a
40-45 minute performance. 8-10 guests on a weeknight is ideal.
DessertAndSong - host provides desserts for guests, followed by a 40-45
minute performance. 10-20 guests on a weeknight is ideal.

YOU decide how long to allow for dinner or dessert, but the total event time
should be less than 90 minutes for guests, and 2 hours for the host. We still want
this to be quick and easy when compared with a regular house concert.

If the artist does more than one set… you are doing a house concert, regardless
of whether you provide food or not. All DNS events feature one set of music.

The money - we believe that the suggested donation of $10-15 should hold,
because the guests are not asked to bring anything, and are getting a more
personal experience that includes dinner with the artist - that’s better than a
backstage pass.

I offer another, and I hope different, option....if the host agrees, I will personally
cook dinner for the guests before providing an intimate 45-minute performance!
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