* Bio *
Just the Facts, Ma'am. . .

John Friday, the Tropical Balladeer, is a
singer/songwriter originally from Maryland, now living in
Florida.  After a back-breaking (literally) Army career,
John settled in the Sunshine State where he t pursues
his musical dreams every night in the locals pubs and
An eclectic set of interests led John through the gamut of
college majors, including biology; education;
engineering; mathematics; business ("I'd always made
fun of business majors, and suddenly I was one!");
computer science; classics (the most useful part of a
classics degree is that you can say "Do you want fries
with that?" in Latin!); and finally, one that combined many
of John's interests, History.  It took a mere twenty years
to complete his baccalaureate, as little things like raising
children and going to war kept him busy.  John's love of
History is readily evident, as he will discuss historical
events at the drop of a fin-topped hat.
John got his first guitar when he was 13, after attempts
at learning the piano and the clarinet were less than
successful.  For years, John was never far from that
guitar.  He took it backpacking in the White Mountains of
New Hampshire; while working on a crabber in
Chesapeake Bay; even while skiing in Maine &
Colorado.  He still has that guitar, although his collection
has grown somewhat over the years.
When it came time to "get a grown-up job," John put
away childhood dreams and joined the Army.  A series
of injuries led to a medical discharge after thirteen years
of service.  Moving back to the Mid-Atlantic region, John
shortly realized that (1) he'd never really grown up and
never would, and (2) his childhood dreams of making
music were still powerful.  Eventually, those dreams led
to a southward move. "Dreams...don't leave childhood
without them!"
John Friday